writer, artist, & designer I was born in the Pacific Northwest, the only hearing member of a Deaf family. American Sign Language is my first language, English is my second. I have an MFA in creative writing from Johns Hopkins and I've studied drawing at the Watts Atelier under Jeffrey Watts, Erik and Meadow Gist, and Stan Prokopenko. In my day job, I work as a graphic designer, editor, and art director. For my influences, visit my links page. 1. Beauty isn't the point -- and yet it's present in every great work. 2. Before you can mark well, you need to see well. 3. Art's language of light and texture is not intellectual. 4. The ugliest works of art are those that aim to be pretty. 5. No one needs to be taught how to understand art. But years can be spent learning about the ways people like to talk about it. 6. Every piece is a study for the next one. 7. Originality is nice, but every work, if it contains any thought at all, is haunted by history both personal and public. FRANK GALLIMORE